profile picIn the early 90's Andreas Franken started to compose and produce music with a computer. His friend Simon Frenzel infected and influenced him on his way to make electronic music.

In 1998 he combined with his school friend Michel Eckelhoff. They created their own sound and composed some dreamy melodies. In the year 2000 they published their first own single, "Plasma - Restricted Area". Restricted Area became a Powerhit through the heavy rotation on the radio station Sunshine Live. After a few time the follow up was published "Under Control / Magma Base". For Magma base two more producers took part, Simon Frenzel and Gregor Hüber. After a short break of 3 years Michel and Andreas published their third single for Plasma, Spring. But Spring was just a chillout styled song. That was the story of Plasma until now...

In 2004 Andreas got the chance to compose a song for the famous DJ Mark Oh for his side project "Mandy & Randy", the song "a bird in the sky".

From 2009 to 2011 Andreas did some Remixes for several Projects in electro and hansdup style. The most of them were published by Olav Bel Goe.

In 2010 it was time for a new own single. Together with David Crayn aka Jason Navaro he composed and produced the song Franklin & Navaro - I need love, published by David's own label Neon Trax.

Actually he finalised two remixes in cooperation with Scotracks Music which is operated by Thomas Kukula and Frank Schmidt.

Thomas and Andreas are working together on a new single.

So the story continues...